XELIOS, the closest light to sunlight


SERIC artificial solar lighting resolves a wide range of issues.


SERIC artificial solar lighting faithfully reproduces the actual colors of an object, providing sunlight for color evaluations 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Unlike AC fluorescent lamps and similar lighting, because it uses DC for illumination there is no flickering, and it causes almost no eye fatigue even when used over long periods.
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▶Persons who want to see or show colors accurately indoors, persons who want to reduce complaints caused by colors appearing different indoors


The SERIC Solar Simulator provides summer sunlight 24 hours a day, 365 days a year that can be customized to meet a variety of requests including for brightness, parallel light reproduction, incidence angle, and irradiation range. In addition, connections with external environment systems such as constant-temperature chambers and fans, or with measurement systems such as I-V measurement instruments, are also possible.
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▶Solar cell performance evaluation, durability testing, development and light resistance evaluations of electrical devices (such as automotive devices, cameras, and tablets)


SERIC solar lighting provides sunlight that can be used for testing and research 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In the field of phototoxicity testing, SERIC solar lighting were first used by government testing agencies, and later by the safety research divisions at pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food product, and other companies. XELIOS can also be used for indoor sunbathing and cultivation of plants and other organisms.
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▶Phototoxicity testing, photoreactivity testing, ROS assays, biotechnology industry, plant cultivation, wellness facilities


XELIOS is the trademark name of the artificial solar lighting manufactured by SERIC, and is a long-selling series of products with a history of around 30 years. It has benefitted persons in fields including automobiles, cameras, paint, printing, and art museums, and has made contributions in a wide range of fields including solar energy research and biotechnology. With customization of the illumination area, effective wavelength band, and other elements to address customer needs and problems, and explanations of the technology grounded in theory, you can be confident in trying XELIOS for the first time.

▶Click here for more about color evaluations, examples of solar lighting use, and explanations of the technology.

SERIC can provide sunlight to precisely meet your needs.

XELIOS Series Customized products Solar simulators XELIOS-iO

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We provide order-made manufacturing to meet customer requests for systems of all sizes.


This lineup includes the XELIOS-iO artificial solar lighting that uses LEDs as the light source, and the XELIOS 100W Series, XELIOS 500W Series, XELIOS Combination Series, and XELIOS EVO Series that use a xenon lamp light source. Select your own sunlight according to the intended application, with customization including lamp output, light with or without UV radiation, light with or without IR radiation, and a super spotlight type with irradiance of 1000 W/m2.

Solar Simulators

The available lineup of light resistance testing models ranges from budget to high-performance and covering factors including JIS C 8912 stipulated spatial unevenness, time fluctuation rates, and spectral coincidence is available. Models can be customized for customer needs including the irradiation range, parallelization, incidence angle, and other elements. The simulators feature attention to every detail, including compact space-saving designs, control of vibration when shutter operates, and collecting the operating switches on a touch panel for improved visibility and operability.

Light Environment Simulators

This lineup of solar lighting systems uses large-size lamps for a variety of environmental testing. Our products for phototoxicity testing have been used to create official guidelines. They feature improved ease of operation, including stepless irradiance adjustment within the irradiance control range, and control of the irradiation distance by changing the stage height. We can produce a wide range of sunlight to meet customer needs for light resistance testers, parallel solar lighting, and other purposes.