■AutoSens in Brussel, Guide

Duration 18-20th September 2018
Place AutoWorld in Brussels  (Belgium)

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<Contents of the exhibition>

The Artificial Solar Illumination Lamps (XELIOS) and Solar Simulators for evaluating LiDAR, ADAS, self-driving technology.

Reproducing illuminance equivalent with natural sunlight, ambient light of infrared ray wavelength, and backlight conditions.



<Featured Item 1>
A banner of solar simulators exhibited, whose near‐infrared wavelength (850nm – 940nm) is extremely close to natural sunlight.



Evaluation of sensors and cameras which have sensitivity to near‐infrared wavelength (850nm – 940nm).


<Featured Item 2>
Artificial Solar Illumination Lamp (XELIOS) will be displayed at the exhibition!!


The Artificial Solar Illumination Lamps (XELIOS) are lamps which irradiate light having same spectrum with the natural sunlight.
With color temperature 5500K, Color Rendering Ra 98, XELIOS faithfully reproduces the actual colors of an object, and allows it to be seen with the exact same colors that are seen under natural sunlight even while working indoors.

【Examples of Application】
Color evaluation, Sunlight resistance test, Temperature rise test, Thermal barrier test etc