Our company was created as product for development of new products on December 1, 1984 by Taiji Satoh, owner of numerous patents and new technologies. Since that time, it successfully developed the world’s first artificial solar lighting, as well as many other new products including special optical devices, equipment for the food product industry, and seafood processing automation equipment. These products are used in a broad range of industries, helping the company to build up a solid record of success and establish the foundation for its trust and business today.


I have been involved in the development of new products for many years, and have experienced much success and failure.

Among my inventions, artificial solar lighting was one that gathered particular attention. This product has been recognized worldwide as a standard light source for color evaluations.

All of us at SERIC are dedicated to helping develop new devices and systems which apply artificial solar lighting technologies in a range of fields, including the development of test lighting equipment for solar power generation – a renewable energy technology that is a powerful tool in the fight against global warming, light source systems for solar energy research aimed at reducing CO2 emissions, and phototoxicity testing systems for chemical substances.

Since our founding in 1984, we have developed and marketed a wide variety of products as a R&D-based company. Among them, our artificial solar lighting (XELIOS) products have been used by a large number of customers since they were first marketed in 1987.

We have continued to grow as a “specialized sunlight manufacturer” with support from many customers, and have worked strenuously to meet customer needs. As a result of this cumulative success, we have been able to produce good products and contribute to the further growth and development of our customers. We remain dedicated to an approach that allows us to enjoy this process.

All of our employees carry on the SERIC DNA that enjoys new challenges, and will work together for continued growth while contributing to the advancement of our customers.


We are a company that enjoys progress and contribution.

  • We will provide a workplace where employees can enjoy working, and create rewarding work, so that we can continue to be a company where our employees enjoy everyday living.
  • In order to further raise the level of customer satisfaction, we will dedicate ourselves to and enjoy the process of working to continually improve our technologies.
  • We will continue to be a company that yields fair profits in order to contribute to the happiness of our shareholders and all persons involved with our company.

■Company Profile■

Purpose of our founding

  • Dedicate ourselves to the principle of customer satisfaction, and contribute to the advancement of society through the development of high-quality new products and technologies.
  • Be loved by society and our customers, earn trust, construct true prosperity, and contribute to the happiness of humanity.
  • Understand that reflection is the seed of progress, and maintain a spirit of gratitude as we experience the joy of working.


Company name



Chairman: Taiji Satoh

President: Ikuo Satoh

Date founded

December 1, 1984


57,000,000 yen

Business areas

  • Design and sales of electrical equipment, electrical communication equipment, and applied electronic equipment
  • Design, manufacture, and sales of measurement instruments and medical devices
  • Design, manufacture, and sales of transport equipment
  • Design, manufacture, and sales of wind power equipment
  • Design, manufacture, and sales of life science equipment
  • Design, manufacture, and sales of daily living goods and leisure goods
  • All business associated with or ancillary to the above

Main banks

Mizuho Bank, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Resona Bank, Saitama Resona Bank, Yachiyo Bank


Head Office

  • 3-8-703 Akasaka 6-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052
  • TEL: +81-3-6807-4811
  • FAX: +81-3-6807-4812
  • 3 minutes on foot from Akasaka Station

Head Office access map

Technical Center

  • 334-1 Shichiza-cho 7-chome, Koshigaya-shi, Saitama-ken 343-0851
  • TEL: +81-48-969-2155
  • FAX: +81-48-969-2166
  • 20 minutes on foot from Shin-Koshigaya Station
  • 10 minutes from the West Exit of Shin-Koshigaya Station on the Asahi Bus bound for Shichiza 7-chome
  • 5 minutes on foot from the bus stop at the entrance to Dewa Elementary School

Technical Center access map

■Company History■

Following is an introduction to the history of SERIC as a manufacturing company.

Manufacturing history

Dec. 1984 SERIC Ltd. was established with capital of 10 million Japanese yen.
June 1985 Developed a fish alignment machine.
June 1985 Developed the MIC-1000 meat cleaner.
Dec. 1985 Developed the FS-1611 fish size sorter.
Feb. 1986 Developed the HPC-600 precision work lamp.
April 1986 Developed the XP-300 artificial solar lighting.
Nov. 1986 Developed the SXE-262 studio lighting xenon lamp.
Dec. 1986 Developed the MIC-1500 meat cleaner.
Jan. 1987 Developed the FX-40S vehicle number reading system.
April 1987 Developed the XC-100 artificial solar lighting.
Sept. 1987 “Expanding Applications of Artificial Solar Lighting” was broadcast on NHK News.
Jan. 1988 Developed the XELIOS-100CW calcium detection system.
May 1989 Developed the MIC-5500 meat cleaner.
Mar. 1990 Artificial solar lighting received the 1990 Japan Shop Award.
Feb. 1991 Artificial solar lighting received the Sasakawa Invention Special Award.
Dec. 1991 Presented the papers “Relationship Between Tissue Calcium and Arterial Cholesterol in Human Aortal Tissue Damage” and “Development of a Method and System for Detection of Calcium Phosphate in Ultra-Fine Tissue” at the Japan Atherosclerosis Society.
Apr. 1992 SERIC president Taiji Satoh received the Science and Technology Agency Director’s Award for his accomplishments in the development of artificial solar lighting.
Feb. 1993 Increased capital to 16 million yen.
Oct. 1993 Presented the paper “Requirements of Light Sources for Color Evaluations” at an academic conference.
May 1996 SERIC president Taiji Satoh received the Yellow Ribbon Medal for his accomplishments in the development of artificial solar lighting.
May 1997 Presented a paper related to “Requirements of Light Sources for Color Evaluations” at the International Colour Association.
Sept. 1999 Increased capital to 57 million yen.
Sept. 1999 Presented the paper “Development and Clinical Trials of a Device for Treatment of Pressure Ulcers” at the 1st Conference of the Japan Society of Pressure Ulcers and the 7th National Nursing Care Medical Facilities Workshop.
Jan. 2000 Established the Technical Center in Shichiza-cho, Koshigaya City, Saitama Prefecture.
Feb. 2000 Developed a battery checker.
Aug. 2000 SERIC was featured in the article “30 Japanese Companies Leading the World in Technology” in the business magazine Forbes.
July 2001 The XELIOS 7BM artificial solar lighting system was approved as a medical light treatment device by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare.
July 2001 The governor of Saitama Prefecture approved the manufacture of the SERIC 21 visible light irradiator for dental use.
Dec. 2001 Artificial solar lighting was featured on the TV Tokyo program “Techno Tanteidan”.
Feb. 2002 Artificial solar lighting received the Excellent Product Award from the Small and Medium Enterprises Cross-Industry Association.
Oct. 2002 Developed the “Delizer” stabilized chlorine dioxide air purifier and deodorizer.
July 2003 The story of artificial solar lighting development was broadcast on the MX TV program “Kaiketsu Little Gulliver” under the title “The Man Who Created a Sun”.
Jan. 2005 Developed the new model SERIC 21W visible light irradiator for dental use.
Feb. 2005 Taiji Satoh became the SERIC chairman.
Feb. 2005 Ikuo Satoh became the SERIC president.
Feb. 2005 The Head Office was relocated to Irifune in Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
Jan. 2007 Jointly developed a UV intensity meter (UV-370S) for printing applications together with Takano Machinery Works Co., Ltd.
Feb. 2008 Artificial solar lighting was featured on the BS Digital Channel 11 program “Brains of Japan”.
Apr. 2009 SERIC chairman Taiji Satoh received the Higashikuninomiya International Culture Award in recognition of his accomplishments in invention and education.

■Awards ■

The SERIC accomplishments have been recognized in many areas.

Apr. 2009 Higashi-kuninomiya International Culture Award for accomplishments in invention and education (Taiji Satoh)
Feb. 2002 Excellent Product Award from the Small and Medium Enterprises Cross-Industry Awards Association for medical, health, and welfare artificial solar lighting (Tokyo Cross Industry Plaza, Group H6, shared by 3 companies: SERIC, Kanatsu, and Product Design KEN)
May 1996 Yellow Ribbon Medal in recognition of accomplishments in the development of artificial solar lighting (Taiji Satoh)
Apr. 1992 Science and Technology Agency Director’s Award in recognition of accomplishments in the development of artificial solar lighting (Taiji Satoh)
Feb. 1991 Sasakawa Invention Special Award in recognition of artificial solar lighting (Taiji Satoh)
Mar. 1990 1990 Japan Shop Award awarded for artificial solar lighting (SERIC)

■Origin of the Name■

SERIC is an acronym of Satoh Engineering Research Industry Co., Ltd.

Company logo


smarkThis logo represents an electron. Although electrons are extremely small, they can do extremely big things, and have wonderful benefits. This logo was selected because, like an electron, our company may be small but we hope to do excellent work that will be of benefit to society. This logo is trademarked.

■List of Member Organizations ■

Following are the organizations of which SERIC is a member (no particular order)

  • Japan Society for the Advancement of Inventions
  • Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Tokyo Cross-Industry Plaza
  • Tokyo Health and Welfare Research Association
  • Tokyo Lighting Technology Research Association
  • Opto-Electronics Partners Association
  • Japan Industries Association of Physical Therapy Device