Can be used for solar energy application research and for performing outdoor environmental tests indoors.

Stable substitute sunlight simulations are possible indoors and are not affected by the weather, seasons, or other aspects of the natural environment.

Substitute sunlight that is essential for solar energy research and outdoor environmental tests

Sunlight simulators are essential for the development of solar cells, and as a specialized sunlight manufacturer, SERIC also offers artificial solar lighting as a source of substitute sunlight for use in the field of solar energy research. With the technologies for lighting that produces light identical to sunlight which we developed with artificial solar lighting, we support solar cell development through the development and provision of Solar Simulators for solar cell evaluations.


Because the light is extremely similar to sunlight in the long wavelength ranges, it can be used to support a variety of other sunlight-related testing and evaluations in addition to solar cell research and development, These other applications include matching of automobile paint colors; outdoor evaluations of electrical devices, smartphones, and tablets; and evaluating the light resistance of parts and materials.

Adjustable wavelength characteristics and radiant intensity

Adjustable wavelength characteristics

The high fidelity type artificial solar lighting (EF filter) produces light that is extremely similar to sunlight in the ultraviolet, visible light, and infrared ranges. It is used as a source of substitute sunlight by customers in a wide range of industries.
In addition to the high fidelity type, there are also UV-type and visible light-type optional filters that allow the user to select the light wavelength characteristics.
Filters can be changed using just a single screwdriver, allowing the wavelength characteristics to be easily changed for testing on a variety of levels.

Irradiation with 1 SUN light equivalent to direct mid-summer sunshine (1,000 W/m2) and 100,000 lux light are also possible.


Direct mid-summer sunlight is described as “1 SUN”. It has an irradiance (radiative intensity ) of 1,000 W/m2, and the brightness at this time is approximately 100,000 lux. Irradiation with this light is possible with the “light condensing artificial solar lighting (super spotlight type)”.
If you provide data for the desired irradiance in advance, the product can be configured by our company. It is possible to reproduce exactly the sunlight that you want, from mid-summer sunshine to early spring sun or the sunlight around the Golden Week holiday period.


Full spectrum sunlight: Three dependable characteristics of artificial solar lighting

bunkou1The optical spectrum conforms to the reliable JIS standard.

With our experience in producing Solar Simulators for solar cell evaluations, SERIC is able to reproduce sunlight with a high level of fidelity. The level of consistency with outdoor testing can also be measured. Moreover by changing the optional filters, it is possible to change the light level in four patterns: UV only, visible light only, UV – visible light, and visible light – IR.

<Corresponding standard> JIS C 8912 Spectral Coincidence – Class A
<Data> Upon request, spectral data from 300 – 2500 nm can be provided.


Perform the same test with identical light stable intensity every time.


Because the lights are illuminated with a SERIC original ballast (stabilizer), there is almost no deterioration in lighting performance.
Tests can be performed with a reliable constant level of light regardless of the time of day or weather.

<Stability> Temporal fluctuations: 5% or less

An ordinary AC 100V outlet is used, and no installation work is required.

Because a 100V outlet can be used, there is no concern of additional work for existing equipment. The light is turned ON and OFF with a switch, and there is no complex operation manual.

<Power supply capacity>

100W Series: 2 A/100V
500W Series: 9 A/100V


Artificial solar lighting Solar Simulators that are essential for solar energy research

XELIOS 100W Seriessolax_200_bs 

XELIOS 500W Seriessolax_500_bs

Solar Simulators ソーラシミュレータ1s

■ Special order systems can be produced to provide the required irradiation conditions. ■

In addition to the XELIOS artificial solar lighting, we also provide a variety of light source systems including combination light source systems, products using the XC-500EF artificial solar lighting or XC-500EFSS super spotlight type, and products using a 1 kW or larger xenon lamp or metal halide lamp. Please consult with us regarding your testing details and subject for irradiation.