Light identical to sunlight is used for biology, environmental science, and pharmaceutical R&D.

Artificial solar lighting is used as light sources at a broad range of research institutions and universities in fields including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and biotechnology.

■ Pharmaceutical, cosmetic, biological, and environmental science research ■


SERIC artificial solar lighting systems for phototoxicity testing allow stable exposure of cells to ultraviolet light that is extremely close to natural sunlight. The first system produced was used by a government testing agency. The test results were highly evaluated, and subsequent systems have been used in the safety research divisions of many pharmaceutical manufacturers. In addition, they are also ideal for use in phototoxicity testing and ROS assays (chemical reactivity testing) at food product manufacturers, cosmetics manufacturers, and other safety research.

With conventional animal testing, many negative substances produced positive results in phototoxicity tests using cells, raising questions about the validity of previous cell toxicity tests. Guidelines now recommend a method which does not use cells, and which detects active oxygen when a reagent solution is exposed to UV rays.

The SERIC SXL-2500V2 Sunlight Irradiation System is being used in the process of creating phototoxicity test procedures based on these guidelines.

■ Same light (UV rays) as sunlight ■


Artificial solar lighting was developed to faithfully reproduce natural sunlight. It is continuous light with a spectral distribution that includes the near-UV rays (300 nm – 380 nm) which are said to be beneficial to human health. Although halogen lamps and ordinary light bulbs also produce continuous light, the light contains no near-UV at all and therefore does not function as sunlight. Because fluorescent lights and metal halide lamps contain more bright line spectra than sunlight, it is reported that they cause fatigue at a rate several times higher than sunlight. In Northern Europe where sunlight is precious, people enjoy sunbathing in the brief summer sun. This is because exposure to sunlight on the skin produces vitamin D inside the body, providing health benefits that include helping to prevent rickets, improving weak constitutions, and boosting resistance to colds. Sunlight has the power to protect and benefit people and other animals – benefits that are now possible with artificial solar lighting.

■ Pressure ulcers (bedsores) ■

Clinical trials were carried out to verify the treatment effects on pressure ulcers, and were reported by the Japan Society of Pressure Ulcers.

For a summary, please refer to “Results from Treatment of Bedsore Lesions”.

食物工場1Other results include benefits for raising orchids, mushrooms, and other plants, and improved behavior of fish which were constantly restless under fluorescent light. The wonderful power of sunlight is also widely used in healthcare and biotechnology applications.

XELIOS artificial solar lighting produces the same light as natural sunlight, boosting the brain’s alpha waves, relieving stress and stabilizing moods, and improving cognitive abilities. Some test results have suggested that it may be beneficial as lighting when studying. (Test conducted by the NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) program “Try and Try”.)

■ Used in these kinds of fields ■

Phototoxicity testing, chemical photoreactivity testing, ROS assays, biotechnology industry, plant growing, wellness facilities, medical research, study rooms for exam students, nursing homes, pig and chicken farming, and other fields where the effects of sunlight are needed.

■ The ideal artificial solar lighting for use in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, biology, and environmental science research ■

spec01Sunlight Irradiation Systems for phtotoxicity testing and ROS assays

Providing high power and accurate sunlight reproduction

Ideal for conducting phototoxicity testing and chemical photoreactivity testing (ROS assays).

lig02_aXELIOS 500W Series

These are the basic models of artificial solar lighting that produce light which is as close as possible to natural sunlight. They can be used with 100V power, and include a light control function.

100WXELIOS 100W Series

These models were developed in response to requests for smaller sizes and reduced power consumption. They are compact artificial solar lighting that feature low running costs.