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Reasons why artificial solar lighting XELIOS Is used for outdoor display visibility evaluation

Why Is the artificial solar lighting XELIOS used for display visibility evaluation?

Smartphones and tablet devices are frequently used outdoors.During the daytime when it is sunny, the sun’s rays are very strong and making it difficult tosee the display.

Displays of smartphones, tablet and other devices are coated with an antireflective coating, which is designed to reduce the reflection of sunlight, but the screen is still difficult to see under direct sunlight.Screen brightness is automatically adjusted according to brightness to resolve visibility difficulties of displays outdoors.In bright environments, the screen brightness is higher for better visibility (conversely, in dark environments, the brightness is adjusted to a lower).This will increase the consumption of electricity and that leads to drain the battery faster.”Long-lasting battery” is a high priority in the performance requirements for smartphones, and has a significant impact on sales.Therefore, each manufacturer will delicately perform screen brightness under direct sunlight and consider the balance between power consumption and screen brightness.

Artificial solar lighting can also reproduce an indoor lighting environment that sunlight poured through a window.

Digital screens are not just for smartphones and tablet PCs.We use touch screens frequently, as they are employed in a variety of places, including vending machines, ticket vending machines, gas stations, self-checkout machines at supermarkets, and online ordering at restaurants.These are more often used indoors than outdoors, but the screen may be difficult to see due to natural light in sun-filled room.At that time, the screen brightness is set high; conversely, it is set low at night or unsunny indoors.

In order to properly evaluate the visibility in many environmental factors, such as the level of screen brightness in each environment, whether it is a message or a photograph that is displayed on the screen, and the color of the screen background, a certain light environment must be secured.Particularly difficult to set up is to reproduce the environment under the direct sunlight.

Three features of artificial solar light with high evaluation from many display manufacturers

In particular, the super spot lighting type XG-500AFSS has been adopted by many display manufacturers.

The features of the artificial solar lighting are:
(1) Spectral characteristics is very close to the natural sunlight
(2) Almost no deteriorating its characteristics and capabilities
(3) No flickering because of direct current lighting

These three advantages are the reasons why our customers choose us.

<Artificial solar lighting XELIOS 500WSeries>

As described above, the XG-500AFSS has been highly evaluated by many customers who wish to quantitatively evaluate the visibility of their displays under natural sunlight.

If you are considering in irradiating the same spectrum as natural sunlight, please feel free to contact us.

Please refer to the following page for specifications and performance.

Artificial concentrating-type solar lighting (super spotlight type) that can produce 1 sun (1000 W/m2) or 100000 Lx