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Why artificial solar illuminants, lights close to the natural light, are used for lighting for personal color analysis

Lighting is extremely important for personal color analysis.

Have you ever consulted a personal color analysis?Personal color refers to those colors that harmonize with a person’s natural skin, hair, and eye color pigmentation (i.e., the colors that suit someone).

The photo above shows when members of the Personal Color Study Group, a subcommittee of the Color Science Association of Japan, came to our company to study. In the photo, they are actually performing a personal color analysis.A fabric color sample called a color drape is placed under the examinee’s chin, with different colors of drapes alternately placed on the examinee’s chin to guide them to a color that suits the person.Facial colors are categorized into a blue base or a yellow base, and then further into spring/summer/fall/winter (cold/warm, light/dark), and colors that suit the individual are suggested.

I am not professionally trained, so I cannot speak from a position of authority about personal color, but from my experience and position, I can assert that lighting is very important for personal color analysis.

Personal color analysis results differ greatly between fluorescent light and natural light (Artificial Solar Lighting)

The four photos above are clippings of the same color drape taken under different light sources.From left to right: natural sunlight, Artificial Solar Lighting XG-100AF, LED Artificial Solar Lighting XELIOS-iO, and fluorescent lighting.While the color drapes, which are supposed to be pink, look the same under everything but fluorescent light, that looks orange under the fluorescent light.In fact, this is one of the factors that makes personal color analysis inaccurate.It could lead to an analysis where, despite pink looking good on you, the color does not look good because it appears as orange.

The same can be said for the appearance of skin color.

The photo above shows a person’s (male) back taken under, from left to right, natural sunlight, Artificial Solar Lighting XG-100AF, and fluorescent light.Under fluorescent light, it appears to have a yellow base, but under Artificial Solar Lighting and natural sunlight, it appears to have a blue base.Different base colors naturally have different suitability ratings.

A poor lighting environment will lead to variations in the results of the analysis.I’ve heard there are many people who say things like “One personal color analyst told me that I was spring, but another told me that I was autumn. Which would suit me better?”This does not inspire confidence in personal color analysis.

Artificial Solar Light is ideal as the lights used for analysis in personal color analysis, as they can accurately reproduce colors.

In the Japanese personal color analysis field, there are various initiatives aimed at improving the social status of analysts.One of these is the development of a lighting environment for analysis.We aim to create a cycle whereby analysis in environments with the correct lighting reduces the variation in results, thereby increasing the credibility of personal color analysis and encouraging more customers to consult an analysis.SERIC’s Artificial Solar Lighting plays an active role in the maintaining of this lighting environment.

While the XELIOS XG-100AF Artificial Solar Light is used by apparel makers, personal color analysts use the XELIOS-iO LE-9ND55F-H with a fixing clip because it is portable and can be attached to a full-length mirror.

Many people want to make a good impression on the people they meet.Recently, we’ve heard that an increasing number of businessmen consult personal color analysis as one of the tools they use to facilitate business.Nowadays, personal color analysis is attracting attention as a communication tool for both men and women, and we sincerely hope that more and more people will take a correct personal color analysis to increase the brightness of their lives.

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