Track Record of Adoption by Use / Use Cases by Industry

Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry


Toyota Motor, NISSAN Motor, Honda Motor, Mazda Motor, Mitsubishi Motors, Yamaha Motor, Isuzu Motors, Fuji Heavy Industries, Daihatsu Motor, NISSAN SHATAI, Kanto Transportation, Hino Motors, Yanase, DENSO, and others.

●Example of use

At the car manufacturers, they are using XELIOS for the new design and color study of their car at the sight of the same conditions of outside for 3-5 years later. Especially design department, several numbers of XELIOS are fixed for whole room for that they can make a comparative review of multiple cars.

On production line at factories of car manufacturers, XELIOS are used for checking not only paint colors but also inspecting flaws, irregularity, and stains of car surface.

XELIOS are used for not only car body color but also appearance of sear cover sheets, window glasses, instrument panels, screens of car navigation/back monitors, and head-up displays by related companies.

At car repair shops, XELIOS are used for touching up paint.

At auto showrooms, such as Megaweb and Amlux, XELIOS are used for enabling visitors to watch accurately paint samples.

XELIOS are used for performance and characteristic evaluation of on-vehicle sensors such as automatic lighting sensors. In recent years, XELIOS have gotten a glowing review as light source for research and development of ADAS.


At a design division of an automotive manufacturer, a remote control function was added to XELIOS so as to reproduce all conditions, and XELIOS are utilized for examination under a variety of situations.