Track Record of Adoption by Use / Use Cases by Industry

Biotechnology, Animals, Plants Industry

Biotechnology, Animals, Plants Industry


Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Biott, Lion, KUBOTA, Fuji Electric, TOSHIMAEN, and others.

●Example of use

In recent years, research on utilization of solar energy has been actively conducted. Our solar simulator is adopted for research on new energy at RITE (Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth) or NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization).
(e.g. Research on electric power generation applying biotechnology, Research on immobilization of CO2 etc.)
Moreover, they are used in varied fields such as growing plants in the room, keeping small animals for experiment, and so on.
・Growing plants in the room: Promotion of flowering, acceleration of improvement of breeding by genetic manipulation etc.
・Keeping small animals for experiment: Small animals for experiment must be healthy, but animals who are grown under fluoresce light show a high incidence rate of disease.
Lately, there is another example that they are utilized for growing plants at indoor courtyards, green houses, and bath rooms of residences and condominiums.


They are used for keeping insects in a insect museum of an amusement park, called TOSHIMA-EN. Even insects, health cannot be maintained without solar light.

They are used for lighting of aquariums for tropical fish/high-grade fish for appreciation.

A university uses them for experiment of photosynthesis of seaweed in a water tank.