Track Record of Adoption by Use / Use Cases by Industry

Department Stores and Commercial Facilities Industry

Department Stores and Commercial Facilities Industry


ISETAN MITSUKOSHI, Takashimaya, HANKYU HANSHIN DEPARTMENT STORES, Sogo & Seibu, Fukudaya, SUZURAN, Kawatoku, MEIJI KINENKAN, KANEKO PEARL, Mihara Pearl, Kuwayama, KINOSHITA PEARL, Asahi Pearl, GINZA TAILOR, Yamagiwa, Kani Doraku, and others.

●Example of use

Our artificial solar lighting are mounted on ceiling of fitting rooms in a department store. Its customers can see colors of clothes under the same conditions of outdoor light. As a result, compliant concerning colors decreased.

At department stores, they are used to enable customers to precisely recognize colors of clothes/cloth materials at tailor-made menswear sections. They are used to lighten up displayed clothes.

They are also used for appraise and selection of pearls/amber. Previously, pearl was appraised with natural sunlight (north skylight) streamed in through a northern window. At present, customized artificial sky light device for appraisal and artificial solar lightings for illumination of showcases are used.
They are adopted by national inspection institutions, and also usage at exhibitions/event halls has increased year after year.

With a lens on the artificial solar lightings, this plays a part in creating good atmosphere in shops by reproducing condition that sunlight shines into the room.


A building of commercial facility in Nagoya city has a courtyard surrounded by guest rooms. Sunlight was blocked by the rooms and did not comes in the courtyard, so plants withered. It required a high cost for maintenance. After launching our artificial solar lighting, the plants have been grown for many years.