Track Record of Adoption by Use / Use Cases by Industry

Food Industry

Food Industry


Suntory, Asahi Breweries, Morinaga Milk, Knorr Foods, Nisshin Seifun, Ajinomoto, NAGATANIEN, Yamamotoyama, YAMAGATAYA NORITEN, and others.

●Example of use

Used for research & development in chemical field of food.

Used for light source for 1) quality inspection of food by color management, light source for visual inspection when removing contamination, and 3)inspection of package, seals, and stickers by image processing.

Used for testing deterioration caused by sunlight.


A brewery company distributes original pictures of seasonal gifts to each retail shop. It takes approximately one month for photographing. A problem was that difference in color tones on the pictures happened as time passed by due to deterioration of light source. Merits after introducing the artificial lightings are not only taking beautiful pictures but also being able to take pictures for a long time without deterioration.

A fishermen’ union conducted quality inspection of laver. While color of laver is black, violet/green/brown colors are mixed, and also graduations of tones or grossiness slightly differ. Furthermore, this difference of tones and grossiness affects class, grade, and of course, wholesales price. While the quality inspection is, usually, done by natural sunlight, it is carried out regardless of the night and day in harvest time.