Track Record of Adoption by Use / Use Cases by Industry

Paint Industry

Paint Industry


Nippon Paint, Kansai Paint, DAI NIPPON TORYO, Isamu Paint, Asia Industry, SUMIKA COLOR, KURAMOTO SANGYO, Cashew, DuPont, OHASHI CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES, Natoco, ROCK PAINT, Origin Electric, BASF Japan, and others.

●Example of use

In this industry, XELIOS are used for evaluation of paint’s colors.

Measuring instruments are used for judgement on single color, for instance color-difference meter, but there are the difference according to manufacturers, models and lot units, so most of paint manufacturers are “use them, but do not trust them”. Therefore, they are visually examining. For the visual inspections, XELIOS are used as light sources for visual checking.


This is the story regarding a paint manufacturer.

They got an order paint board for under 0.5 color difference against the sample, delivered them with the measuring data by color-difference meter. However their one and customer’s one are not the same, the customer’s own measuring color difference data was over 0.5, then they had to reproduce. After bringing them back and comparing with the sample, the delivered products and samples looked difference certainly under the natural sunlight.

The compared two colors which look same under the natural sunlight, look almost same under the several type of lightings. In addition, if colors match under the natural sunlight, both numerical data by color-difference meter should be almost the same. This episode proves that each of color difference meters have a margin of error themselves.