Track Record of Adoption by Use / Use Cases by Industry

Textile and Dyeing Industry

Textile and Dyeing Industry


Unichika, Toray Industries, KURARAY, MITSUBISHI RAYON, Toyota Industries, Nisshinbo, DAIDOH LIMITED, Yamasou, Showa Sengyo, Okasen Kogyo, Hasetora, HOWA TEXTILE INDUSTRY, Tomiya Fabric, and others.

●Example of use

In this industry, they are used for evaluation and inspection of colors and tints of fiber and cloth. Color evaluation of fiber by measuring instruments (e.g. Color difference meter) is very difficult because they are too much thin. Hence, color evaluation is conducted by visual inspection, so our artificial lightings are utilized as light source.

Recent years, technology of printing on fabric has been growing. They are used for not only color evaluating printed fabric but also inspecting irregularity and stain of printing, and matching colors of printed items compared with a standard model.