【CE】 XELIOS 140W Series

XELIOS140W(CE)CE Certifications for XELIOS.
Compact XELIOS designed for small size and low power consumption

The XELIOS 100W Series of artificial solar lighting is composed of compact models that were developed to meet requests for small size and low power consumption. They maintain basic performance and make XELIOS performance available at low cost.



The energy in the ultraviolet and infrared spectrums can be adjusted by filters according to the type of application, and customers can select specifications to meet their application requirements including light with or without UV and IR, degree of diffusion, and intensity.




Precautions for use

  1. Energy in the ultraviolet and infrared spectrums is adjusted by filters according to the type of application.
  2. Except for the E and EF models, thermic rays are cut by approximately 80%.
  3. Be sure to read the instruction manual before use.。
  4. A super spotlight lighting type can be produced upon request (XE-100ASS, XE-100AFSS, XE-100BSS, XE-100BFSS, XE-100ESS, XE-100EFSS).
  5. Mounting brackets and spare parts are options. Refer to the options section below for details.
  6. Combination part numbers are set for combinations of mounting brackets and lighting lamps. For details, please contact the SERIC Sales Division.
  7. With embedded types, the precautions for installation must be strictly observed.
  8. The service environment is indoors, with a service temperature range of -10 to +30°C.
  9. The color temperature contains error of no more than ±10%.


Spectral distribution



Light distribution




ST-C40 FC+40L



Tripod stand

Ceiling flange



Unit: XE-140*
Tripod: ST-C40

Unit: XE-140*
Ceiling flange: FC-40L



For the * mark, enter the filter type selected by the customer or other type code. (Examples: XE-140A,XE-140AF)


Mounting bracket



Filter with frame



(1)A-3P (2)AF-3P (3)B-3P

(4)BF-3P (5)E-3P (6)EF-3P



Lifetime: 2000H (continuous illumination)

  • (1) Transparent for color evaluation
  • (2)Frosted for color evaluation
  • (3)Transparent for biotech applications
  • (4)Frosted for biotech applications
  • (5)Transparent for solar energy testing
  • (6)Frosted for solar energy testing

Note: Filters are also available individually without frames.