【CE】 XELIOS 500W Series

【CE】 XELIOS 500W Series

CE Certifications for XELIOS.
See colors accurately anytime and anywhere!


XELIOS is the first light source of the world to be developed to simulate natural sunlight faithfully. XELIOS can create light beam which has the special characteristics, 300 to 2500nm of continuous wavelength, 5500K color temperature and 98 of color rendering index.


The energy in the ultraviolet and infrared spectrums can be adjusted by filters according to the type of application, and customers can select specifications to meet their application requirements including light with or without UV and IR, degree of diffusion, and intensity.


※ Default of color temperature for XE-500CF is 6500K ±10%, for all other models is 5500K ±10%.

Precautions for use

  1. Energy in the ultraviolet and infrared spectrums is adjusted by filters according to the type of application.
  2. Except for the E and EF models, thermic rays are cut by approximately 80%.
  3. Be sure to read the instruction manual before use.
  4. Mounting brackets and spare parts are options. Refer to the options section below.
  5. Combination part numbers are set for combinations of mounting brackets and lighting lamps. For details, please contact the SERIC Sales Division.
  6. The service environment is indoors, with a service temperature range of -10 to +30°C.
  7. The color temperature contains error of no more than ±10%.

Spectral distribution


Light distribution

500W-CE-Light distribution2


Option specifications

<Mounting bracket>

Name Tripod stand Booster tripod stand Ceiling flange
Model ST-C03P ST-M2BT FC-30L
Primary material Aluminum Steel plate
Approx. unit weight 3.2kg 5.2kg 0.32kg

<Spare parts>

Name Lamp Filter with frame Power cord
Model SET-500F
  • (1)A-196 (2)AF-196
  • (3)B-196 (4)BF-196
  • (5)E-196 (6)EF-196
  • (7)CF-196
  • (1)CP2-100 (2)CP1-100
  • (3)CP0-200
Specifications Capacity: 500W
(continuous illumination)
  • (1)Transparent for color evaluation
  • (2)Frosted for color evaluation
  • (3)Transparent for biotech applications
  • (4)Frosted for biotech applications
  • (5)Transparent for solar energy testing
  • (6)Frosted for solar energy testing
  • (7)Frosted for color evaluation with 6500K
  • (1)Japan 100V system cord with adapter plug: 3 m
  • (2)Overseas 100V system cord: 3 m
  • (3)apan/overseas 200V system cord w/o power supply side terminal plug: 3 m

Note: Filters are also available individually without frames.

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