Solar Simulators – Tabletop Type

Solar Simulators – Tabletop Type

Solar simulator light source for evaluation of solar cells
High-performance light source for evaluation of solar cells

A stable evaluation light source is essential for the development of solar cells. Although evaluations using natural sunlight would be ideal, the constant fluctuations of natural sunlight make it completely unsuitable for performance evaluations. A solar simulator allows evaluations using exactly the same light source every day, and makes it possible to conduct evaluations without being limited by the time of day.
The SERIC Solar Simulators not only provide high-level optical performance, but are also designed for ease of use. The shutter is operated by a stepping motor that minimizes vibration. The operating switches are also collected on a touch panel for improved visibility and operability.
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Item Specification and performance
Model XIL-01B50KP XIL-05B80KP XIL-05B100KP XIL-05B156KP
Effective irradiated surface □50mm □80mm □100mm □156mm
Type Tabletop type
Lamp used Xenon lamp
Lamp capacity 140W 500W
Lamp lifetime 1500 h 1000 h
Irradiation intensity 1kW/m2(100mW/cm2)
Spectral characteristics AM1.5G
Parallelization ±5° or less ±10° or less
Irradiation distance Approx. 160 mm Approx. 230 mm Approx. 200 mm Approx. 260 mm
Spectral coincidence Crystalline solar cell: JIS C 8912 class A (±25%)
Amorphous solar cell: JIS C 8933 class A (±25%)
Time fluctuation factor JIS C 8912 class A (±1%)
Irradiance spatial unevenness JIS C 8912 class A (±2%)
Power supply specification 1φ100/200V
External dimensions (mm) 870 x 280 x 360 1200 x 350 x 420 1200 x 550 x 420
Approximate weight (kg) 40 60

<External diagram (front)>


<External diagram (side)>


<Spectral distribution>

XIL-01B50KP actual measured values (reference)


<Touch panel screen>


* English specifications are available.

Spare parts

Instruction manual

Product name Model Size File
□50 mm Solar Simulator XIL-01B50KP 512KB Download PDF (Japanese)
□80 mm Solar Simulator XIL-05B80KP Now being prepared
□100 mm Solar Simulator XIL-05B100KP 149KB Download PDF (Japanese)
□156 mm Solar Simulator XIL-05B156KP 125KB Download PDF (Japanese)

The instruction manuals are PDF files.
They can be viewed using software such as Adobe Reader, available for free from Adobe.

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