XELIOS 500W 4 Lamps x 2 (Studio Lighting)

XELIOS 500W 4 Lamps x 2 (Studio Lighting)

Create the ideal studio with exactly the combination of lamps that you want.


This system uses a combination of 500W artificial solar lighting as photographic studio lighting where a large illuminated area, high illuminance, and high quality are required. The types are broadly divided into suspended types and free-standing types, and they can be used as main lights, front lights, or top lights. By combining products from this combination series, it is possible to construct a variety of studio lighting systems of many different sizes.



System examples

<External dimensions>

GXC-500size1 GXC-500size2 GXC-500size3


Name Combination artificial solar lighting
Model Suspended type Free-standing type
Application Top light Main light
Front light
Main light, front light
Lamps used Artificial solar lighting (XC-500AF, XC-500A, XC-500ASS, or others)
No. of lights 4, 6, or 8 2, 4, or 8
Model (See note.) GXC-500□□-□□□□□□□
Power supply voltage 1φ 100V (90 – 132V), 50/60 Hz or 1φ200V (180 – 264V), 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 2 lamp type: 1.8 kVA, 4-lamp type: 3.6 kVA, 6 lamp type: 5.4 kVA, 8 lamp type: 7.2 kVA
Illumination direction Downward Horizontal to 30° downward Horizontal to 30° downward
Color temperature 5500K
Average color rendering index 98
Irradiation wavelength range 370 – 780 nm (UV cut, thermic rays 80% cut)
Approximate weight 4 lamp type: 49 kg
6 lamp type: 64 kg
8 lamp type: 82 kg
4 lamp type: 45 kg
6 lamp type: 60 kg
8 lamp type: 78 kg
2 lamp type: 40 kg
4 lamp type: 85 kg
8 lamp type: 155 kg

<Notes (combination series)>

  1. Specify the model by the combination of the type, application, number of lamps, and accessories.
  2. Upon request, systems with 9 or more lamps can be produced.
  3. Consult with the manufacturer concerning the illuminated surface area, illuminance, spatial unevenness, and illumination distance.
  4. The approximate weights include diffusers in the case of top lights. All others are the weights of the unit products only.
  5. For details of options, see the items below.
  6. Explanation of model codes

Option specifications

Name Diffuser Color temperature adjustment filters Overturning prevention fixture
Model For 1 free-standing lamp: DI-51
For 2 free-standing lamps: DI-52
For 4 free-standing lamps: DI-54
For 1 free-standing lamp: CF-51 □□K
For 2 free-standing lamps: CF-52 □□K
For 4 free-standing lamps: CF-54 □□K
Specification [Primary material]
Frame: Steel plate
Diffuser: Acrylic plate
[Primary material]
Frame: Steel plate
Filter: Plastic color film
[Primary material]
Steel plate
S: 250 – 400 mm
M: 400 – 700 mm
L: 700 – 1200 mm
Approximate weight DI-51: 2.5 kg
DI-52: 3.5 kg
DI-54: 4.4 kg
CF-51: 1.5 kg
CF-52: 2.9 kg
CF-54: 3.3 kg
S: 1.0 kg
M: 1.5 kg
L: 2.5 kg

<Notes (combination series)>

  1. The color temperature adjustment filter types are available in 500 K increments from 2000 – 7500 K.
  2. For the □□ part of the color temperature adjustment filter model, enter the first 2 digits of the color temperature value. (For example, to specify 6500 K, enter “65”. To specify 5000 K, enter “50”.) A 5500 K filter is not necessary because the color temperature of the artificial solar lighting itself is 5500 K.
  3. For the lamp spare parts, refer to the 500W Series.

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