LED artificial solar illumination lamp for color evaluations XELIOS-iO

LED artificial solar illumination lamp for color evaluations XELIOS-iO

Light for color professionals,containing all of the technologies that Seric has developed as a manufacturer of standard light sources for colors over more than 30 years starting from the development of artificial solar lighting.Design,Color calibration,Nail salons,Photography,Apparel manufacture,Color matching at the customer

A light environment which can serve as a standard is essential in order to see colors correctly.
XELIOS-iO provides that environment.

New additions to the lineup

Reduced glare! xelios-io-diffuser type Easy attachment anywhere! mounting clip

Feature 1: What is XELIOS-iO?

XELIOS-iO is a light that accurately reproduces sunlight so that colors can be seen correctly anytime and anywhere.

Point 1: “Personal sunlight” that you can place on a desk

In Italian, “io” means “my”.

This light provides “personal sunlight” – a desktop stand type light that can reproduce sunlight right at your desk.

This saves the time of going to windows or outdoors, and improves the accuracy and reliability of product development and production!

Point 2: It weighs just 0.6 kg and fits easily in a bag for carrying!

This portable light accurately reproduces sunlight for correct color evaluations at any time and place!

Reproduce clear and correct colors anywhere, including for meetings, presentations, and other purposes in conference rooms or customer offices with poor lighting environments!

Point 3: It is cordless and allows color evaluations in places even in places where it was difficult for light to reach before!

The hand-held type is rechargeable and cordless, and can provide approximately 2 hours of lighting after approximately 2 hours of charging!

It can bring light identical to sunlight to places where light is hard to reach, and is perfect for evaluating colors on the inside and outside of a product!

XELIOS-iO greatly improves accuracy during product development and sales negotiations, and raises the level of trust from the customers.

Customer comments

Feature 2: Requirements to see colors accurately.


The light used for color evaluations must have a continuous spectrum that covers the entire visible light range.

Natural sunlight has a continuous spectrum, and is ideal as a light source for color evaluations. However sunlight is unavailable at places where outside light does not reach, and at times such as on cloudy or rainy days or at night.

XELIOS-iO accurately reproduces sunlight and allows colors to be seen correctly at any time and place.

Light source recommended by Seric for accurate color viewing

XELIOS-iO clears all of the “Requirements Governing Light Sources Used for Color Evaluation”.


“Requirements Governing Light Sources Used for Color Evaluation” proposed by Seric
(Presented at the Color Optics Conference, Japan Academy of Color for Dentistry Academic Conference, and International Color Association AIC Color97.)

Requirement 1: The average color rendering evaluation number of the light source shall have a minimum 96, preferably as close to 100 as possible.
Requirement 2: The color temperature of the light source shall be as close as possible to a color temperature of 5000 – 6000K of sunlight.
Requirement 3: Intensity of illumination shall be well provided.

Caution 1: The characteristics and capabilities pertaining to tha three requirements shall not deteriorate as result of aging.
Caution 2: The spectral distribution of light shall present a continnuous spectrum and such spectrum shall not contain any line spectrums which represent energy in excess of 1.5 timesits perimeter.
Caution 3: All of the three requirements shall be fully supported respectively, and none of them should be neglected.

XELIOS-iO clears all of the above requirements, and is the optimal lighting for use in color evaluations!

Environment recommended by Seric for accurate color viewing

XELIOS-iO does not undergo changes over time, and can provide the same light for accurate color viewing always.


In order to accurately see colors, a “scale” to serve as a standard is needed.

Ordinary lighting exists in many different types, and generally undergoes large changes as it ages. The appearance of colors also varies depending on the optical environment.

At different locations such as your own desk, conference rooms, and customer offices, the lighting is different and the appearance of colors varies. Even if the same lighting were available, the colors would appear differently depending on how long the lighting had been in use.

As a result, colors cannot be presented accurately in these environments no matter how much time was spent on them.

XELIOS-iO is portable and does not undergo changes over time!
This makes it possible to reproduce colors in the same optical environment anytime and anywhere!

Lighting with zero chromatic aberration recommended by Seric

The light of XELIOS-iO has no chromatic aberration and is the optimal lighting for seeing colors correctly!


Because ordinary LED lighting comes with a lens, chromatic aberration occurs.
XELIOS-iO does not use a lens, there is zero chromatic aberration!

<Chromatic aberration>
Chromatic aberration is a phenomenon in which colors appear distorted because the refractive index when light passes through a lens is different depending on the light wavelength.

Color aberration must be eliminated if colors are to be seen correctly. This is because chromatic aberration breaks down the light spectrum, causing the light from the source to produce rainbow-colored rings.

XELIOS-iO has no chromatic aberration, and allows objects to be seen accurately in their natural colors!

Feature 3: Features of XELIOS-iO

A spectrum that is extremely close to sunlight – something that is possible only from the specialist artificial sunlight manufacturer Seric

The true colors of an object can be seen in natural sunlight arriving at the ground within 2 hours before or after noon on a clear day.

XELIOS-iO (color temperature 5500K type) was developed to match the color temperature of sunlight (5000K – 6000K).

This lighting produces a spectrum that is extremely close to sunlight, made possible by Seric’s many years of producing artificial solar lighting.

2 types are available, with color temperatures of 5500 K and 6500 K.

The XELIOS-iO lineup also includes a type with a color temperature of 6500K (model: LE-9ND65) that conforms to the standard illuminant D65 prescribed in “JIS Z 8720”.

Select this product when 6500K is required.
(When ordering, please select either 5000K or 6500K.)

A portable product providing the world’s top level of high color rendering performance with an average of rendering index of Ra97

XELIOS-iO beautifully reproduces not only object colors, but also human skin!

The XELIOS-iO average of rendering index (Ra) is 97 or higher, achieving the world’s top level of color rendering performance in a portable product.


The average of rendering index (Ra) is the average value of the indexes from R1 to R8.

R9 to R15 are special color rendering indexes, and in particular R15 is the index that expresses the Japanese skin tone.

XELIOS-iO not only has a high Ra, but also has a high value of 99 for the skin tone index R15. As a result, it is possible to beautifully reproduce not only object colors but also human skin!

Because it can be used with AC 100 – 240V power sources, colors can be reproduced in the same optical environment anywhere in the world.

Because it can be taken anywhere, iO not only reduces development times and travel expenses, but also reduces rework costs caused by color differences.


XELIOS-iO can be used with AC 100 – 240V power sources.

Because it can also be taken on business trips overseas, it is possible to present the colors exactly as they were seen in the home country. If the overseas branch also has iO, then it is possible to see the same colors in both places, and they can be checked by telephone or video conference instead of traveling to the actual site.

Because it can be taken anywhere, iO not only reduces development times and travel expenses, but also reduces rework costs caused by color differences!

※An adapter plug is not included with the light, and should be prepared by the customer.

Smaller, lighter, and lower cost than the earlier XC Series of artificial solar lighting

Because artificial solar lighting was large in size, many customers requested lighting that could be used at meetings, presentations, and other places where artificial solar lighting was needed.

Following two years of development, Seric succeeded in developing the iO artificial solar lighting that is smaller, lighter, and lower cost than the previous type, and is also portable.

xelios-io xelios-io-15

There is some variation in brightness between individual devices.

Persons desiring high brightness and high performance should choose the XE Series.

The XE Series can produce light with a wide range of characteristics, and is used not only for color evaluations but also for research related to biotechnology and uses of solar energy. See the product page for details.

Click here for the product page.

Reasons why artificial solar lighting can produce color expressions that are not possible with other lighting

The reason that colors appear differently when the lighting is different is due to the different spectral distribution characteristics of the light.

As shown in the graph below, fluorescent lighting and metal halide lamps have dips in the wavelength and distinct strong emission line spectra.
Halogen lamps also lack energy in short-wavelength ranges.
Because of these parts in the spectrum where wavelengths are weak, colors cannot be seen correctly and the emission line spectra produce large error in color evaluations.

Because natural sunlight has wavelengths in all colors and a continuous spectrum, it is considered an ideal light source for seeing colors accurately.


Artificial solar lighting is lighting that was developed to approximate the spectral distribution of sunlight.

The spectral distribution is virtually identical to that of natural sunlight, and it can reproduce fine colors that are difficult to reproduce with fluorescent lighting or halogen lamps.

Other specifications

Other details, please click here for the ”XELIOS-iO” product page.

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