Ideal for development of perovskite solar cells Class 3A+ Steady state solar simulator 

Class 3A+ Steady state solar simulator


■New release■

A Class 3A+ solar simulator with the highest performance in the industry is finally here!

<Conforms to global standard EIC 60904-9 ed3 2016.>

This solar simulator was developed based on technologies that were perfected by Seric over many years, and achieves “Class 3A+” – the highest level of performance in the industry – in a 200 mm  200 mm area.

It uses just a single xenon lamp and delivers high performance for a low price.

It has already been delivered to and highly rated by overseas institutions researching perovskite solar cells.


■Main features■

・Ideal for development of perovskite solar cells
・Low price and high performance
・Achieves IEC 60904-9 3A+ with a single light source (Irradiated area 200 mm  200 mm).
・Spectral distribution that is highly similar to natural sunlight! (Spectral match 12.5% or better)
・High uniformity! (Unevenness 1.0% or less)
・Stable irradiance! (Time variation STI 0.25% or less, LTI 1.0% or less)
・Shutter speed (max.) 50 ms or less
・Can also be used as a light source for production lines!



■Spectral distribution■

xil1.6b200kpv2-Spectral distribution





Input power

3φ200V, 50/60Hz

Maximum input current

Approx. 10 A


1600 W xenon lamp

Average lamp lifetime

Approx. 1,000 hours

Effective irradiated area


Rated irradiance


Spectral match

IEC 60904-9 Class A+
+/-12.5% or better (300 -1200nm)

Spatial unevenness

IEC 60904-9 Class A+

Time variation

IEC 60904-9 Class A+
STI +/-0.25%以下

Irradiance adjustment range

40 – 100% (Maximum irradiance = 100%)

Service temperature range

0 ~ 30℃

Service humidity range

10 ~ 90%

Precautions for use

  1. Be sure to read the instruction manual prior to use.
  2. Specifications may be changed without notice for the purpose of improvements.


■External drawing■



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